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Summer 2009  "Campers" near Alpine Lakes Wilderness 

 Scottish High Camp


(Sung to Hello Dolly)

Well hello, Holly ~

Girl you go, Holly,

we're so glad you cooked
our meals
since Sunday night..
Your lamb chops are juicy,
apple cobbler to zucchini
we've loved every bite!
We've all inhaled lasagna
like there's no mañana
and your chicken had us licking off   
the plate...
Oh, with that spatula,
you're such a naturala,
You've helped us all
put on some weight!
Well how's it going, Holly
If we moan, Holly,
Well we've stuffed ourselves
with pickled eggs and steak..
We've gorged ourselves obscenely
on omelettes with Porcini,
and your cobbler leaves us
gobblin' til our waistbands break!
And your sublime salads,
will make us sing ballads,
as we waddle to Seattle 
full of cheer..so
Raise your cups fellas,
sign Holly back up fellas,
Holly you gotta cook again for us.. 
(solo)..."even if we have wear
a truss" ...
You've gotta cook for us next year!!

Holly Claghorn - Owner



More than 30 yrs of foodservice experience:

  • Certified chef and baker
  • Manager, country club
  • Foodservice representative
  • Bakery shop owner


4900 Paradise Way, Ste 100
West Richland, WA 99353


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office:  (509) 967-1643

cell:  (509) 554-7856


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Prairie Belle Catering

4900 Paradise Way, Suite 100
West Richland, WA  99353
phone:  (509) 967-1643
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cell:  (509) 554-7856