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Wedding FAQs

Wedding Receptions require extra planning and attention. Before you make an appointment to discuss your catering plans and needs you should think about these questions:


Q: What time of day is your reception taking place?
A: During the dinner hours of 5-7 PM usually means you will have to feed your guests the equivalent of an evening meal. Earlier in the day, you can offer lighter finger foods while an evening reception usually means offering fare that is more substantial.

Q: Will you be using china or glass plates for your food and cake, real glassware and stemware for your beverages?
A: This is an option used most often in settings that are more formal but does require extra catering labor to arrange for rental, cleaning and return. It is acceptable and sometimes dictated by your venue and function type. There are many good biodegradable and compostable choices including corn-based wares out there now, so please ask! You can "Go Green" and still have the convenience disposables afford!

Q: What are you planning to serve as beverages?
A: The age of your guests has a lot to do with this. Young children want soft drinks and/or punch. So do guests who do not drink alcoholic beverages. Older guests may prefer coffee and everyone in- between may like a glass of wine, champagne, or beer. Serving alcohol means your guests will consume more food, so plan accordingly.

Q: Will there be a champagne toast? When?
A: Upon the arrival of the bride, or before the cutting of the cake? Your catering staff will need to know this so bottles can be opened and glasses poured and passed.

Q: Will you require a bartender?
A: We will serve beer and wine that you provide. Foaming of beer from kegs may be a problem in hot environments. Prairie Belle does not provide service for "hard" alcohol bars.

Q: Who is serving the cake?
A: An old school friend? The caterer? Will you have a cake service (a pretty knife and spatula) or does your caterer need to provide a set?

Q: Does the venue have a kitchen? What amenities are there for the caterer?
A: Does it have a sink with running water, a working oven, refrigeration, and an ice machine? If it does not have much counter space, are there tables that can be set up for food preparation? The size and availability of a kitchen and/or food prep area is important in determining what kind of food can be served as well as what size of staff is required. If there is no sink or running water and you plan on using rental china...then all dishes must be returned either dirty or to the caterer's kitchen which means more labor and money.

Q: What else would you like the caterer to do besides serve food?
A: Prairie Belle will provide services beyond the preparation and delivery of food. We can assist in setting up tables, lighting candles, moving chairs and so on. From the beginning, you must have an idea of what you want so that adequate staff can be hired. Staff is included to deliver and set-up, replenish, remove, and clean up the foods and ware. If there are extra duties, there must be extra staff.

Q: What time does the reception end?
A: It usually ends with the departure of the newlyweds. Let your caterer know approximately what time this will be and how long you wish food to be left out before clean up begins. There is a set rate for staff for a three hour period, which begins with the arrival of the food and ends when clean up is completed. Longer staff hours will mean more labor cost to you.

Prairie Belle will visit with you about your plans to learn your expectations and ideas. Your consultation is free, and the amount you have budgeted for your reception will be a big factor in your catering decisions. Most planning takes into account the venue cost, the dress, the cake, a band or DJ and the honeymoon - your guest list is comprised of people who are mostly going to remember what they ate and drank!!
To book "firm" and hold a date we require a deposit of 1/2 of the estimated cost of your catering.
It is an agreement to hold your date and not accept any other events to interfere with your wedding.
If you need to change your date we will re-book (once) for another free day and credit your
deposit towards the new date if we have not turned down business for your date. Date changes are to
be made 90 days (or more) from your catering date. This is standard catering practice so please consider your options carefully before writing a check.
The balance of your catering total is due on or before the Wedding Day. We hope this has been helpful in getting your plans started!
~ We Cater to Your Needs ~ Just "Imagine it...Done"! ~

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